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PRESS INFO 2022 - 2023


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In South Korea, support for a ban on eating dog meat is growing

FEBRUARY 16, 2022


2 butchers killed 4,000 dogs by electrocuting them with electric needles or stabbing them with a knife: they are on probation a year and three month imprisonment

MARCH 27, 2022


Minister nominee Chung Hwang-keun seeks to end #DogMeat through social consensus

MAY 4, 2022

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#SouthKorea's government-civilian consultative body on #DogMeat consumption decided to extend its operations for 2 more months for further discussions on the sensitive issue in the country

MAY 6, 2022


First lady calls for end to #DogMeat consumption

JUNE 13, 2022

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Promoting the end of dog eating within my term of office, my duty

APRIL 13, 2023

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Ruling party lawmaker tables bill banning dog meat consumption

APRIL 14, 2023

2023 04 25.jpg

#SouthKorea #DogMeat Association "Accused of Defamation against the First Lady for mentioning to end dog eating"

English translation 

APRIL 25, 2023

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Time to end the cruel #DogMeatTrade in #SouthKorea, says former Scots Tory MEP

MAY 17, 2023

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260 animal groups "support Kim Kun-hee's end of #DogMeat"... Dog breeding association cancels dog mobilization rally

MAY 19, 2023

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